K11 - Grit 240/1000

# STO-KSM-240-1000

stone for sharpening

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20% tax is included in the price.
Customers outside EU don't pay 20% tax.

Kasumi Whetstone Set 240/1000
Ideal for maintaining your Japanese knives. For knives in poor condition, the rough 240-grit stone will smooth and sharpen even the dullest blades. For an ongoing maintenance of knives in an average condition, the medium 1000-grit stone is perfect to extend the life of your blade.
Includes a rubber base for holding the whetstone in place.
Packaged in an elegant Kasumi gift box.

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When using a whetstone, the blade should be held at a sharpening angle of about 15-20 degrees.
Each person has an individual angle at which he or she sharpens the knife. The blade of the knife becomes sharper each time it is sharpened, so it essential that a knife is always sharpened in the same manner and by the same person. Knives with a serrated blade, such as bread knives, should only be sharpened by a certified professional.

Sharpening your Japanse knife in 4 steps:
- Immerse the whetstone in water for 10 to 15 minutes.
- Place the whetstone on the non-slip rubber base with the coarse grit facing up. Hold the knife by the blade and handle, with the cutting edge against the stone. Begin with the tip of the knife, gradually working towards the area that is closest to the handle. Always sharpen in the same direction: front to back or back to front.
- Give an equal amount of strokes on each side of the blade.
Use the rough 240-grit stone for knives in poor condition, whereas the medium 1000-grit stone is perfect for knives in an average condition.
- Rinse and wipe the blade to dry.
natural stone
825g - 29.10oz
18cm - 7.08"
6cm - 2.36"
Made in 
Seki - Japan