Angel Blade


Red Aluminium - Satin Tanto

€ 144.00

20% tax is included in the price. Customers outside EU don't pay 20% tax.

20% tax is included in the price.
Customers outside EU don't pay 20% tax.

ANGEL BLADE Military Free Fall Red Tactical RANGER Tanto Blade Paratrooper Single Action Out The Front Automatic Switchblade Flick Knife. Angel Blade's Ranger is a Big & Powerful 10,5" Rapid Deployment Out The Front Automatic Switchblade Knife Designed To Aid & Augment High-Altitude Military Parachuting. In The Event Of Parachute Deployment Failure. This is a single action out the front automatic switchblade knife that enables the user to open the knife with a press of a button. MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) Compliant. The action on these is fast, they hit hard, and the lock-up is excellent. Red Anodized T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Handle & Charging Bar. To retract the blade it has a charging bar at the base of the handle and while pressing the button and then pulling back on the charging bar the knife is reset to the closed position.
Comes With A Molded Black Kyndex Knife Sheath with Belt Attachment System & Is MOLLE-Compatible.
This model can be used as:
•A rapid deployment tool to cut away from rigging and lines when a parachute deployment failure occurs.
•A tool used to cut away from missed parachute landings while suspended or tangled.
•A survival tool used to cut numerous things.
•A tactical defensive tool used for last resort hand to hand combat.
Overall Length:
27,3cm - 10,75"
Blade Length:
11,7cm - 4,6"
Blade thickness:
4mm - 0.16"
155gr - 5.7oz
Blade Material:
14-4CrMo Stainless Steel
Handle Material: